A pre-sale will take place with a reduced price of 0.035 ETH per NFT.
Check out Discord for details.


  • $5000 ETH in Contests and Challenges exclusively for the IMX Punks community.


  • We'll be working on expanding our community via several tie ups. This includes getting virtual land in Sandbox and Netvrk exclusively accessible by our token holders. We also intend to initiate a launchpad to provide early access to our members to other exciting NFT projects.


  • Mystery Drop: "IMX Pups" - We have now unlocked our secret milestone.
  • Puppies will be obtained passively through airdrops by owning an IMX Punk NFT. These friendly Pets would live alongside your Punks and help you explore the metaverse.


  • Community grant fund of $25,000 is launched. Create, design, develop, or build something that the community values (e.g. member exclusive content, additional art, memes, etc.) and receive funding from The IMX Punks team. In addition to this 2.5% of the Royalties will go into the community grant forever!
  • Moon Together 🚀

What the FAQ !?


The IMX Punks was created by a team of animators /devs. Not affiliated to Larva Labs.

How much?

Each IMX Punk NFT costs the same flat rate : 👉 0.05 ETH (No Gas fee). Pre-sale at a discounted price. Head to Discord for deets!

How many?

There will only ever be 10,000 IMX Punks NFTs in the collection.


You will be able to mint The IMX Punks NFTs on our website. If you miss the mint, secondary sales will be available on the Immutable X marketplace.


By joining the IMX Punks you'll be part of the first Punks community on the IMX and also help guide the direction of the project and development of our hood.

Team Members

Lil Punk

Crypto buff, always talking long term and loves to hodl.

Punk Zilla

Oddly, our not so boring techie

Ms. Woke

She's a rebel. Creative artist, Designer.

Punk Master

The thug who realized all the coding magic